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Tell us a little bit about your child, and we will tailor-make a box that will keep them happily entertained and snacked en route to wherever you need to go.

We've put countless hours into selecting and road testing the products that go into our FlyKids boxes. We think its important to provide a wide selection of items, so you can expect 12-15 toys/books/ activities and at least 5 all-natural snacks. Everything is conducive to traveling and guaranteed to provide hours of fun!

Because every box is personalized, we can not specify the exact contents ahead of time, but every product we use is sourced from high quality suppliers. We feature brands such as Melissa & Doug, Schylling, Fisher-Price, Annie's, Newman's Own, Ella's Kitchen and more. We also believe in supporting small businesses and have several suppliers who handmake items just for us.

With FlyKids, you don't have to think about your child's entertainment for one moment. Our items will keep your children happy on the way to your destination and beyond, with no work on your part!

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